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A20 Summer Dressage Qualifier 11th July 2015

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A20 Summer Dressage Qualifer Schedule 11 July 2015

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BRC Prelim Entry Form Summer Dressage Qualifiers 2015


British Riding Clubs

Area 20

 Summer  Dressage Qualifier

For the BRC National Championships  2015

11th of July 2015

By the kind permission of Tom and Christine Pemberton at

Ford Farm Darliston SY13 2AP

Class Name

Junior   Team  Dressage


For Teams of 4 riders , with 3 scores to count , and for individuals-all team members are automatically in the individual competition Three riders will ride a prelim test and one a novice test

Prelim tests BRC D1 , D2 , D3 (2014)

Novice Test BRC D10 ( 2014)

Team £50

Individual £12.50

Junior Elementary  Dressage  (Qualifier)

For junior Individuals Only

Elementary 45

Individual £12.50

Junior and Senior Pairs  Dressage  (Qualifier)

A pair of riders to ride the test together

BRC Pairs 5 ( 2014 )



Senior Prelim Dressage


For Teams of 4 riders each rider will ride the same test

BRC D3 ( 2014 )

Team £50

Individual £12.50

Senior open  Dressage (Qualifier)

For teams of 4 riders with 3 scores to count , and for individuals -all team members are automatically in the individual competition, three riders will ride a novice test and one a elementaty

Novice tests Novice 24 (2010) Novice 30 (2006)

Novice 34 (2009)

Elementary test Elementary 45 ( 2010 )

Team £50

Individual £12.50

Senior Medium  Dressage


For Senior Individuals only

Medium test 61 ( 2002 )

Individual £12.50

Junior Riding test Qualifier 

For teams of 4 riders all riding the same test

BRC Prelim RT ( 2014 )

Team £50

Senior riding Test Qualifier

For Teams of 4 riders , 2 riding a Prelim test and 2 a novice test

BRC Prelim RT ( 2014 ) BRC Novice RT ( 2014)

Team £50

Rural Riders  (team of 6)

Six horses and riders Juniors and seniors mixed all riding the same test BRC team of 6 test ( 2013 )


Team £30

This is a Team and Individual Qualifier; please refer to current Rule book for full information.

Please refer to Appendix 2 & 3 Eligibility of Horse and Rider of BRC Rulebook 2015 which comes into effect in January 2015

Prelim Entries

All entrants must pay a prelim entry of £28 per team and £9 per individual to British Riding Clubs at least 21 days before the date of the qualifier (above).  Prelim entry forms can be found on the BRC website for postal entries  or online entries can be made via the BHS bookshop Late prelim entries may be accepted with a late surcharge of £20 per team or pair and £10 per individual.  Late entries cannot be guaranteed and may only be considered at the discretion of the organiser, whose permission must be sought before payment is made.

If the date of the qualifier is cancelled for any reason, the close of prelim entry will remain.  However, if the qualifier is moved more than 21 days later, entries will be re-opened but late entry fees already paid cannot be refunded.  Eligibility will be considered from the original close of prelim entry.

All hats must have a visible blue BRC hat tag in place before they are used for warming up and competing.  There will be a trained steward available on the day that will be carrying out hat tagging if your hat does not already have a tag.

Your horse must have up to date Influenza vaccinations in line with rule G7 in the current BRC Rulebook.

Tack and Dress Rules

Please make sure you adhere to tack and dress rules found in the current version of the BRC rules. 

It is a requirement of entry that the club provides at least one helper per team and one helper per 3 individual riders , names of helpers to be provided on sheet 3

Details of the Organiser are as follows including help requirements:

Prelim Entries to be made to BRC by post or online (BRC Website)

Prelim Entries Close on Friday the 19th June 2015

Area Entries to be sent to entries secretary on official forms.

Area entries Close on Friday the 19th June 2015 to :

Mrs Kathy Baker

The Oaklands




SY4 5RF       07968337195

Area Entry Fee £50 per Team, £12.50 per individual.  Cheques made payable to Maelor  Riding Club

Times will be published on the Area 20 Website in the week before the event .

If you have any special requirements on day please provide full details with entry and we will do all that we can to accommodate requirements.

Please note it may be necessary to limit numbers of teams by each club.

ALL TEAM NUMBERS TO BE COLLECTED BY individuals when you have your hat and passport checked fron the secretary's tent


Name of Riding Club -

Name, Contact Number, Address, Email of Chef D'Equipe

Contact Number of Chef D'Equipe on Day

Name, Contact Number of Volunteers,